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WHMIS Training

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training is available only for Université Laval members. This includes employees and University research team members, such as students or postdoctoral fellows. Also included are the members of affiliated research centers located in some Quebec City hospitals.

This training is mandatory if you maybe expose to hazardous products in your works. It is also required to access all sites where hazardous materials are located and, in some cases, to activate the payment of your wages at Université Laval.

Important note : as a result of regulatory amendments to WHMIS, all persons who may be exposes to a hazardous product must, before December 1, 2018, follow this new version of the WHMIS training. This obligation applies to both current and newcomers. With the new regulations (sect. 29, RIPD), the training will now have to be renewed every 5 years.

If you are a University member and already took the WHMIS training in the past at Université Laval, you can refresh your knowledge by registering at all times.


To register, send your IDUL to and specify if you want the English training. If you do not have an IDUL, complete the Temporary ID form (14 Ko), attach it to an email, sent to the same address, in which you must describe your link to Université Laval and specify if you want the English training.

Registration is valid for a period of 14 days. The duration of the course is approximately 120 minutes. You must pass the course in order to have the training certificate added automatically to your participant’s file.

*Note that this training is not a credit course, therefore the score will not appear on the transcript.


No training certificate is issued, but a date of the WHMIS training is completed will automatically recorded in the learner’s file in the computerized human resources management system.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Section 29 of Hazardous Products Information Regulation requires all employers to train those employees who use hazardous products subject to WHMIS.

  • As a result, the Université Laval offers online training to all employees who, as part of their duties, are likely to be in contact with hazardous materials covered by the Hazardous Products Act.
  • Additionally any member of research team who may be in contact with chemicals should undertake WHMIS training. This includes scholarship students, trainees, postdoctoral fellows and unpaid members.
  • Finally, university members who wish to refresh their training may register at any time.

No WHMIS training equivalence shall be granted by Université Laval because emergency procedures are different from one workplace to another. Conversely, WHMIS training given by Université Laval will not replace any that another employer may require, because regulations oblige him to train you. In addition, the course Santé et sécurité pour ingénieurs III (GMN-2902) can’t replace WHMIS training.

Yes, but you must complete the document provided for this purpose. Refer to the instructions above.

Yes, a few days after you send your IDUL to, you will receive an email at your … address with the following subject line: “Participant pour le site Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)” . That wording is necessary because WHMIS training is not a credit course, unlike most other courses, for which the subject line would refer to “listed student”. Instructions to access the monPortail and to start training are included in the email.

First, check incoming emails at your … account. Be sure to check also the spam box. If you don’t find the email, please check all inboxes at all your messaging services. If you still don’t find the email, check again after a few days. If you still find no email from us, do one of the following, according to your status:

  • You have an IDUL: access the portal by clicking this monPortail link. You should be able to access your WHMIS training. If it doesn’t work, please report the problem to and we will fix it as soon as possible.
  • You don’t have an IDUL: report the problem directly to and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Without certificate to your file, you are not authorized to access places where hazardous materials are present and, in some cases, you won’t get paid. Please note that you have 14 days to complete the training.

Your results will be displayed on your computer screen following each exam.

Yes, you can take the course many times. However, you must register each time.

No certificate is issued. However, the WHMIS training record is included automatically to your file in Peoplesoft RH.

If you start to train as soon as you have access to the monPortail, it takes about 3 working days from the time you submit your application to the certificate being added automatically to your file in Peoplesoft RH.

Your unit, department, or service can check in Peoplesoft RH under:

Menu principal / Perfectionnement effectif / Gestion profils / Profils / Profils personnes

Your WHMIS training certificate cannot be paired to your personal file unless you send your information, including your name and IDUL or file number, to, explaining the situation.